Team Hype is “Nicolae Balcescu” High school’s robotic team. Last year we participated in the BRD First Tech Challenge. Even though we did not reach an extremely high ranking, all of us were very enthusiastic about the process itself, as well as the competition.
Since this year we are required to submit a motivational letter, we want to highlight the source of our passion for this contest.Last year was full of unexpected elements. None of us actually knew much about robotics, but we were determined to have fun and produce something with the materials provided to us. The 3-d printer as well as all the metal hardware provided, created the perfect opportunity for us to get creative. Nevertheless, the first few projects that we started out on never made it into the final robot. However, spending time together in our little workshop proved to be a unique insight into the whole concept of teamwork and robotics. No matter the challenge, we knew that the moment we set foot in the room we were working in, something would get done. There are no stupid ideas, only impractical ones. And we let our minds run wild last year and that was one of the things that attracted us so much.